Smart Positioner 900FC

Integrated Characteristic
• Positioning Precision: 0.5% of full span.
• Intrinsically safe, Explosion-proof, secure and reliable
• Small and compact design, modular construction.
• Automatic initialization/auto tuning, automatic diagnosis, valve
• Less mechanical parts, good vibration resistance performance
• Local or remote parameters configuration.
• Low power consumption and almost 0 air consumption at static
status, which save operation cost for customers.
• Using 4~20mA standard signal.
• Surge protection / Lightning protection circuit.


Positioner Type Electro Pneumatic
Type Positioners
Temperature Min: -35 C ( -31 F )
Max: 85 C ( 185 F )
Valve Motion Linear Motion , Rotary - Nominal (180°)
Acting Double-Acting , Single-Acting
Automation Type Positioners
Stroke Min: 0 inch ( mm )
Max: 4 inch ( 100 mm )
Country USA

Key features/benefits

The Flucon FC900 series of Smart Electro-Pneumatic Valve Positioners are
used adjust and control pneumatic valves & actuators.
FC900 Smart Positioners are microprocessor based technology. It can
overcome friction and control pneumatic valves and actuators precisely.
FC900 are not only able to completely substitute conventional valve
positioners, but also able to communicate on HART, network &
FC900 series of Smart Electro-Pneumatic positioners are built especially for
outdoor use in potentially hazardous atmosphere.
FC900 series of Smart Electro-Pneumatic positioners have standard rugged
die-cast aluminum housing. The products housing is weather sealed for
outdoor use and comply with NEMA 4X requirements for protection against
corrosion. FC900 series of Smart Electro-Pneumatic positioners are
available with numerous environment ratings ingress protection and NEMA,
flame-proof, explosion-proof and intrinsically safe area applications.

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