PFA Lined V-Notch Ball Valve

Carbon Steel
Sugar Syrups


A Shearing effect between the ball and seal
ensures tight shut-off, even on fibrous slurries.
The unrestricted, straight – through flow design
provides high capacity and wide Rangeability.
Precise contouring of the V-notch balls provides a
nearly equal percentage characteristic.
Option for Soft Seating & Metal Seating available
Ball machined to a super smooth finish, hard –
chrome plated and polished to increase ball seal
Unibody design protect from effect of piping
Hard chrome facing on the segment and seat to
reduce wear with High CV to body size ratio
All testing is performed to the requirements of
ASME B 16.34


Type Ball Valves
Body Material Carbon Steel , Stainless Steel
Media Sugar Syrups , Viscous Fluids , Digesters , Fibrous Pulp , Powder
DN/NPS/NB(Metric) Min: 1 inch ( 25 mm )
Max: 6 inch ( 150 mm )
Temperature Min: -29 C ( -20 F )
Max: 816 C ( 1,501 F )
Pressure Min: 1 Bar ( 15 psi )
Max: 18 Bar ( 261 psi )
ANSI / ASME Ratings 150
Design Standards ANSI , ASME
Actuation Method Electric , Pneumatic
Applications Petrochemical , Food and Beverage
Country India

Key features/benefits

Capacity to handle fluids containing suspended
Handle fluids with solid particles causing erosion
Provides accurate, reliable control in a broad
range of application
Achieves class IV shut-off with metal seal & class
VI with soft seal

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