ecoflo-BT Pneumatic and Electric Butterfly Valves

Carbon Steel

ecoflo-BT series pneumatic and electric butterfly valves are designed for the control of liquids and gases from size DN 50 (2”) up to DN 2000 (80”).

Butterfly valves find their major applications in most of the process industries as well as in water distribution networks, thanks to their compact design, light weight and economy especially for larger sizes.

Butterfly valves are used mainly for on-off control applications, whereas they are also preferred for regulation service with limited control precision.

Typical control applications include regulation of temperature, pressure, flowrate and level, besides many more applications found around wherever industrial automation is involved.

Produced in Turkey under ISO 9001-2000 Quality Assurance System, ecoflo-BT series butterfly valves are used in almost all process industries like chemical and petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, metallurgical mills, paper mills, food and pharmaceutical industries, water distribution networks, water treatment, as well as in machinery automation like textile, food and packaging.


Type Butterfly Valves
Body Material Carbon Steel , Cast Iron , Ductile Iron (Cast SG Iron) , Fluoropolymer , Stainless Steel , Thermoplastic
Media Water , Gas , Liquids
DN/NPS/NB(Metric) Min: 2 inch ( 50 mm )
Max: 80 inch ( 2000 mm )
Temperature Min: -30 C ( -22 F )
Max: 220 C ( 428 F )
Pressure Min: 0 Bar ( 0 psi )
Max: 40 Bar ( 580 psi )
ANSI / ASME Ratings 150 , 300
Design Standards ISO , EN , ASME
Actuation Method Electric , Pneumatic
Protection Classes Explosion Proof , IP66 , IP68
Applications Petrochemical , Pharmaceuticals , Pulp & Paper , Refining , Textiles , Water Treatment , Chemicals , Flow Control , High Pressure
Country Turkey

Key features/benefits

  • Compact design
  • Relatively lower cost for larger sizes
  • Elastomer, polimer or metal seat options
  • EN pressure classes of PN10, PN16, PN25 and PN40 or ANSI pressure classes of ANSI 150 and ANSI 300.
  • Wafer type, lug type, flanged or welded connections
  • Leakage Class IV, V or VI
  • Materials and test certificates to international standards
  • Process temperature range between -30….+220˚C. Consult for different ranges
  • Provided with pneumatic or electric actuators
  • Manuel override as standard for electric actuators and optional for pneumatic actuators
  • Choice of analog or digital positioners of regulation service
  • IP66 to IP68 protection, ex-proof models
  • Ambient temperature range between -30…+60˚C
  • Optional position switches, air solenoids, lock-up valves, boosters and other auxiliary accessories.
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