ecoflo-AS Pneumatic and Electric Valves


ecoflo-AS series pneumatic and electric valves are designed as on-off or reglation valves for the control of liquids, gases and steam in 8 different sizes from DN 15 (1/2”) up to DN 80 (3”).

Provided with 2 different body material options, brass or stainless steel, angle-seat valves are highlighted with their compact overall dimensions, reliability and economy.

Produced in Turkey under ISO 9001-2000 Quality Assurance Sys-tem, ecoflo-AS series angle-seat valves are used in machinery automation like textile dying, food & beverage, etc., as well as lighter chemical process applications.


Type Angle Valves
Body Material Brass , Stainless Steel
Media Steam , Gas , Liquids
DN/NPS/NB(Metric) Min: 0.5 inch ( 15 mm )
Max: 3 inch ( 80 mm )
Temperature Min: -30 C ( -22 F )
Max: 220 C ( 428 F )
Pressure Min: 0 Bar ( 0 psi )
Max: 40 Bar ( 580 psi )
ANSI / ASME Ratings 150 , 300
Design Standards ISO
Actuation Method Electric , Pneumatic
Applications Textiles , Chemicals , Food and Beverage
Country Turkey

Key features/benefits

  • Investment cast body for a long life (stainless steel body)
  • Compact dimensions
  • High Kvs (Cv) values for on-off applications
  • PN 40 pressure class for stainless steel body and PN 16 pressure class for brass body
  • Flanged, threaded or welded connections
  • Leakage Class IV, V or VI
  • Materials and test certificates to international standards
  • Process temperature range between -30…+220˚C. Consult for different ranges
  • Ambient temperature range between -30…+60˚C

Pneumatic Valves

  • Thermoplastic or aluminium actuators with piston diameters 50, 80 or 125 mm
  • Normally closed, air to open or vica versa
  • Regulation service with integration of I/P positioned
  • Optional position switches, air solenoids and other auxiliary accessories

 Electric Valves

  • Power supply options of 24 VDC/AC or 220 VAC
  • IP 54 protection class (Consult for different classes or ex-proof versions)
  • Manual override (Standard or optional)
  • Optional spring-return function


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