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Serbia’s pumped storage hydropower plant Bistrica to cost over EUR 1 billion

Serbia has completed the feasibility study for pumped storage hydropower plant Bistrica and the cost is estimated at more than EUR 1 billion, Minister of Mining and Energy Dubravka Đedović said after speaking to Ambassador of Japan Akira Imamura about joint energy and environmental projects.

Dubravka Đedović Handanović pointed out that in the next three to four years, until the beginning of the Specialized Expo 2027 exhibition in Belgrade, the government would invest more than ever before in energy. Serbia will complete a lot of projects including a gas interconnection with North Macedonia, the Serbia-Hungary oil pipeline, Kostolac wind farm, and investments in the transmission and distribution grids, she added.

Đedović Handanović said work is underway on technical documentation for important projects, such as Bistrica and another pumped storage hydroelectric plant – Đerdap 3. She argued they would secure a more stable electricity supply and improve the balancing of the power system.

Đedović Handanović: Numerous Japanese companies are interested in the Bistrica project

Bistrica, in her view, will be a key electricity supply facility for Serbia to integrate new clean energy capacities and improve the balancing of intermittent energy sources.

This year is very important for the completion of technical documentation for the Bistrica project, Đedović Handanović underscored. The feasibility study was completed, and the total investment is estimated at more than EUR 1 billion she explained.

According to the minister, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is interested in financing, while numerous companies from Japan are willing to take part in the project’s implementation.

Imamura: Energy storage technology is very developed in Japan

Ambassador Akira Imamura expressed satisfaction that there is interest from both sides in cooperation in the construction and financing of Bistrica, but also in other energy projects. He stressed that the energy storage technology is highly developed in Japan.

Japanese companies are ready to share knowledge and experience with Serbian energy companies in building renewables, balancing and storage facilities, which is nowadays of great importance for energy systems, Imamura asserted.

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