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Princess Elisabeth energy island construction moves one step closer

Belgium’s Elia secures the domain concession for Princess Elisabeth Island, marking a step forward in the construction of the energy hub in the North Sea.

With a subsidy of 3.7 million euros from the European Commission, the project aims not only to bolster the region’s energy grid but also to create a haven for marine wildlife, particularly birds.

Princess Elisabeth Island emerges as a vital link in the expansion of the North Sea electricity grid, bridging offshore wind farms with onshore infrastructure and facilitating international energy connections. The project’s overarching goal is to enhance energy security, promote renewable energy integration, and foster sustainable development in the region. Additionally, the island aims to serve as a model for environmentally conscious infrastructure development, prioritizing the protection and preservation of marine ecosystems.

The construction of Princess Elisabeth Island involves innovative engineering techniques to create an artificial island capable of supporting electrical infrastructure and providing habitat for marine life. Caissons, large watertight structures, will be installed to form the foundation of the island, with electrical infrastructure following suit. Nature-inclusive design elements, such as gravel beds and stone carpets, will be integrated to promote biodiversity and provide nesting habitats for bird species.

Substantial support

Princess Elisabeth Island holds the potential to revolutionize offshore energy infrastructure and contribute significantly to Europe’s renewable energy goals. By serving as a central hub for electricity transmission, the island enhances grid reliability and enables the efficient integration of offshore wind power into the broader energy system.

Princess Elisabeth Island benefits from substantial support from both national and European authorities. The domain concession granted by Elia, along with the 3.7 million euro subsidy from the European Commission, underscores the project’s strategic importance and aligns with broader efforts to promote renewable energy and environmental conservation.

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