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Framatome Secures Multi-Million Dollar Contract for Nuclear Power Plant Pipe Rehabilitation in the USA

Framatome has recently secured a multi-million dollar contract aimed at revamping the buried supply pipes within a nuclear power plant in the United States. Utilizing cutting-edge internal sealcoating spray technology, the company is set to rehabilitate over 1.5 kilometers of pipes over an eight-year span, with the initial application scheduled for autumn 2025. Discover how this groundbreaking innovation is poised to revolutionize the maintenance landscape of nuclear power plants!

Revolutionizing Nuclear Plant Maintenance with Framatome’s Innovation Tackling the Buried Pipe Challenge

The maintenance of buried pipes within nuclear power plants presents a formidable obstacle due to their inaccessibility and the intricacies involved in upkeep. Ranging in diameter from mere centimeters to over three meters, these pipes’ aging poses a significant safety risk to plant operations. Framatome addresses this challenge head-on with an advanced restoration solution that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

The Internal Spray Solution: A Technical Breakthrough

At the heart of Framatome’s solution lies a groundbreaking technology centered around the internal application of a waterproofing coating via remote-controlled robots known as “crawlers.” These robots navigate the interior of the pipes, seamlessly applying a rapid-curing coating. This innovative process facilitates complete pipe rehabilitation, establishing a new pressure threshold without the need for disruptive excavation.

Framatome recently secured a major contract for the rehabilitation of buried pipes within a US-based nuclear power plant comprising three units. Spanning eight years and nine unit outages, this ambitious project is made possible by the adoption of an innovative solution: internal spraying of a structural waterproofing coating. This revolutionary technology eliminates the need for costly and hazardous excavations traditionally associated with such endeavors.

Framatome’s efforts are bolstered by collaborative partnerships within the industry aimed at refining and enhancing this internal spray technology. Together, these stakeholders have developed a comprehensive system encompassing detailed engineering, manufacturing, application, and project management. This collaborative approach delivers a turnkey solution to nuclear operators, addressing both operational requirements and long-term competitiveness.

Statement from Catherine Cornand

Catherine Cornand, Senior Executive Vice President of Framatome’s Installed Base Business Unit, underscores the significance of this innovation: “Framatome’s teams have innovated to tailor an industrial solution to the nuclear sector, addressing the long-term operational and competitiveness needs of our customers. Nuclear operators now have access to an innovative, technically advanced turnkey restoration solution, complete with detailed engineering, manufacturing, application, and project management, backed by the technical expertise and experience of an original equipment manufacturer.”

A Project of Grand Scale

This ambitious rehabilitation endeavor encompasses over 1.5 kilometers of buried pipes with large diameters. The inaugural application of this solution is slated for autumn 2025. Over the course of eight years, nine unit outages will be strategically scheduled to facilitate completion of the project. This meticulous timeline ensures that each phase is meticulously planned, minimizing disruptions to plant operations.

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