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Exolum Announces Plans for New Biofuel Storage Terminal at Port of Bilbao, Spain

Exolum has unveiled plans on May 29th to construct a new terminal designed for storing biofuels and various other bulk liquid products within the Port of Bilbao, Spain, adjacent to its existing facility in Zierbena.

The initial phase of this ambitious project, set to commence in 2025, will involve an investment of 20 million euros (approximately USD$21.65 million) and is projected to become operational by 2027. This development signifies an expansion of Exolum’s service offerings and its capacity for storing and treating products in the region.

The construction of the new terminal will occur in multiple phases, with the first phase encompassing the establishment of a bund featuring five tanks and a collective storage capacity nearing 7.7 million gallons. Equipped with state-of-the-art safety measures and environmental safeguards, this modern infrastructure will also include port-connected facilities from its initial phase, facilitating vessel operations, connections to other terminals, as well as access to Exolum’s Zierbena and Santurce facilities and broader network across Spain.

Furthermore, this strategic advancement will bolster Exolum’s operational versatility, enabling services such as receiving and storing biofuels and diverse raw materials, maintaining requisite temperatures, blending, and subsequent vessel loading or dispatch to alternate terminals. Future phases will focus on expanding capacity and services to align with the specific demands of various raw materials, enhancing logistical flexibility in the process.

Exolum’s strategic focus on logistics investments within Spanish ports is aligned with the energy transition agenda, ensuring efficient supply chains and operational safety. The strategic location of this terminal in Bilbao serves as a pivotal hub for biofuel and raw material flows, fostering synergies with ongoing developments in Gijón and Coruña ports to meet evolving energy demands.

Jorge Guillén, leading Exolum’s operations in the region, emphasized that this initiative marks a crucial stride in the company’s commitment to investing in sustainable fuel logistics infrastructures, driving forward the energy transition objectives.

Exolum stands as Europe’s premier logistics entity for liquid products and holds a prominent global position. Operating across 11 countries with an extensive pipeline network, numerous storage terminals, and a substantial storage capacity, Exolum is a key player in the energy logistics landscape. In the Basque Country alone, Exolum manages three storage terminals and a crucial pipeline network, demonstrating its integral role in supporting refinery activities and industrial growth associated with biofuels and raw materials.

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