DKY Valves & Water Controls

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 From 1997 to Today

DKY Valves & Water Controls is founded in 1997 as second company of Dikkaya Group Companies. It is actually the continuation of an industrial company acting in valves sector which Dikkaya family exist in its establishment.

DKY has started its journey by performing as Turkish Distributor of many international brands in the field of drinking water, agricultural and fire protection systems. DKY had started producing its own utility models and patented valve designs in year 2001.

DKY continues working with enthusiasm as in its first days of establishment and aiming to make DKY brand among the inevitables of its sector. Being proud to play leading key role in Turkey DKY now desires to build up global network all around the world.

Today, Dikkaya becomes a company which is widening and improving its product portfolio continuously, drawing admiration and appreciation of all public and private corporations in its 11.000 m2 outdoor and 7.000 m2 indoor factory.


Our company has been continuing its nonstop journey and following its goals that are set up from its establishment with enthusiasm, improves the product and service quality of DKY Valves group of products decisively.

The casting products is processed with tolerance as of technical drawings at proper machining stages.

Sandblasting is perfomed to semi-finished products after machining. Surface cleaning is done as preparation to electrostatic powder coating process. Semi finished product is painted in epoxy coating plant. Assembling of the coated pieces, components and other standard pieces to form product is done. 100% of assembled products are tested under given pressure according to the related standards. Only approved products after the testing processes are placed in the storage area. The products are packed according to our customers’ requests and shipment type.


Having the product and system certifications approved worldwide has been got as principle in order to reach Dikkaya’s vision according its quality policy derived from its mission. Having approvals and certifications for its products and systems by international accredited institutions.

DKY Valves has structured its testing and control system to get most efficent and accurate products not only in its hinterland but also supply industry field.

The reliability of Dikkaya’s manufactured products are assured by repeating type tests in determined periods not only according to the related directives and standards but also complying the sensitivity of Dikkaya.


ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health Safety Management System enables systematic improvement supporting sustainable development in Quality management and Occupational Health Safety. These Systems  are becoming more important due to their effect on the increasing of market shares of companies,  decreasing of risks on occupational health safety, reducing of production costs with using sources effectively, harmonizing with other management systems, being also in parallel view with European Union Harmonization developments and with increasing social awareness.

Our corporation being aware of its social responsibility has decided to certify its already existing activities sensitive to social responsibility. So, with the application it is awarded with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and OHSAS 18011 Occupational Health Safety Management System Certificates by TUV Nord Institution.

Like until now Our company is intending to; 

  • Be respectful to the environment,
  • Comply with all related laws and regulations,
  • Upkeep all of processes continously,
  • Reduce all risks of occupational health safety and environment during the activities,
  • Rehabilate the working conditions continously by caring about health and safety,
  • Build a base minimizing the effect to environment as minimum as possible by reviewing risks and impacts persistently.
  • Organize training activities to improve the conciousness,
  • Ensure our waste to be recycled or distructed in accordance with relevant laws and rules forever.


Being known brand in international valve market and being pioneer with creative solutions in water control systems field.


Besides growing; protecting employees, suppliers and environment by providing the ground to sustain the continuity and reliability of product quality with modern technologic investments.

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